Your Clubs Will Not Matter Very Much in the Beginning

Many golfers, when they are first getting started, spend a lot of time worrying about what kind of clubs they are going to use. For experienced golfers, it is important to pick out a set of clubs that fits their swing and optimizing their performance. However, when you are just getting started, the clubs you use will play a surprisingly small role in how you do. Until you rack up some experience on the course, you simply don’t need to worry very much about the kinds of clubs you are using.

Following are a few reasons why the clubs in your bag aren’t that important when starting out in golf.

  • Inconsistency. Your swing won’t be very consistent when you are a beginner, so you can’t really fine tune your clubs to your swing since it will change so much from shot to shot. At this point, you should be working more on getting your swing consistent throughout the round than trying to adjust your clubs. Once you reach a point that you feel like your swing has improved in terms of consistency, you can then start to look into adjusting your equipment to match.
  • Cost. As a beginning golfer, you don’t want to spend too much money right up front until you figure out how much you like to play, how often you are going to play, etc. Getting a decent set of used clubs can help you to get started in the game without spending too much money. After a period of time goes by, you can assess how much money you are willing to spend on golf, and then purchase a set of clubs that fits within that budget.
  • Things will change. Perhaps the most important reason to not spend too much money on your equipment right away is that your swing is bound to change as you go through the learning process. If you go out and buy a brand new set of clubs while you are still learning, you might find that those clubs don’t work all that well for you after your swing rounds into form. Go through those growing pains with a less-expensive set of clubs, and wait to purchase a nicer set until your game has settled in to a consistent pattern. This plan will take some patience, but it will work out best in the end.
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