The Best 9-Hole Golf Courses To Visit In Portugal

Golf is a game with no considerable restrictions. The game can be long, short or a medium one, depending upon the number of holes. Usually number of holes is 18 in majority of the courses, but it can be 27 or 9 too. 9-Hole golf game is comparatively short. There are few of the best golf courses in Portugal and Spain. Portugal has a few famous 9-Hole Golf courses which are discussed below.

Pine Cliffs Golf Course

Pine cliffs is one of the most famous 9-Hole golf course of both Algarve and Portugal. Due to its location, it is given even more importance. It is expanded over a land of 168 Acres which is covered in Pine Trees. It lies at the edge of some amazing cliffs. From those cliffs, you can easily explore the Atlantic Ocean. The Pine Trees and the Cliffs gave it the name of Pine Cliffs Golf Course.

It is a 9-Hole Golf course with its first two holes covering a distance of 360 meters. Although the first two holes fail to cover considerable land, the fun really begins when you reach the third hole. After that, the fifth hole reaches the top of the cliff making it the best of all.

Estoril Golf Club

It is a 9-Hole Golf Course located in Estoril. It was built in 1965 and is still able to attract customers from around the globe. They offer a driving range, Green Putting, Rental Trolleys and many other things. They also offer rental club sets of good qualities. The package rates are 20 Euros during weekdays and 25 during weekends. It has many other facilities like restaurants, supermarkets, bars, clubs, etc.

Pinheiros Golf Course

This Golf course is named Pinheiros because it has a lot of Pine Trees. In 2007, 4 new holes were added to this club which replaced 4 holes of the previous 9-Holes course. Around one thousand pine trees were also planted during this time to give it more shade and natural beauty.

Sobreiros Golf Course

It is a very long golf course and is also known as “The Corks Golf Course”. Its demand increases as the time passes. People from around the world come to play in this course because of the difficulty level of its 8th hole.

Oliveiras Golf Course

It is also known as “The Olives Golf Course”. It was last modified in 1995 when the 8th hole was reconstructed and since then, it has never been touched again. It is among the oldest 9-Hole Golf Courses of Portugal.

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