How To Select A Hybrid Golf Club: Advice For Beginners

Professional golfers across the world are realizing that hybrid golf clubs can improve their game significantly. Needless to say, beginners will follow suit, but with perhaps less knowhow on how to pick the right one and why they should be picking one at all. Before you do, here are some pointers on when it is the right time to choose a hybrid and what to look out for when you do. Hopefully this will prevent you from making a mistake and buying more or less than what you actually need.

Try someone else’s hybrid first

If you are beginner, chances are you have started playing with regular clubs. If you are now getting into golf enough, you may have been considering hybrids as a way to improve your game. If this is the case, consider holding on for a little while longer. Ask some of your fellow golfers if they have hybrid clubs they can lend you. If they don’t, perhaps hire one for a day or purchase a second hand one. This will give you a good feel on whether or not you are ready for the change.

Determine which clubs you need replaced

Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Wise words for golfers who think they can further improve their golf even when they are performing at their peak with a particular club. If you find yourself doing well with a certain club, do not replace it with a hybrid. Leaving well-enough alone is the best thing you can do for your game—especially if you are just a beginner.

Don’t over-replace your clubs

Get a decent space between your hybrids. If you are buying a hybrid to replace a particular iron, be sure that you can use that hybrid in place of that iron, the one below it, and the one above it. In other words; if you are buying a hybrid to replace a 6-iron, don’t then buy another hybrid to replace your 7-iron because your 6-iron replacement has already done that. It can also be used for your 5-iron, so just bear that in mind if you are planning to buy more than one hybrid.

So don’t be too hasty when purchasing a hybrid. While they can improve your game, sometimes your game doesn’t need improving in the areas you think. Getting a hybrid will also not fix any technique issues you are having, so make sure you deal with these first before changing instruments.

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