Top Golf Destinations in Algarve: the San Lorenzo Course

As one of the top 100 golf courses in the world the San Lorenzo course offers plenty of enjoyment while being close the Atlantic. The course has a lovely natural look with earthy greens and inviting bunkers. The course has a resort that many tourists enjoy and look forward to returning again in the future. Along with great weather and fun activities you can do on and off the course, the San Lorenzo course has something for everyone. The following points offer a few significant tips on what you need to know about the San Lorenzo world-class golf course.

Stunning Golf Course with Creative Design and Natural Terrain

One of the most noticeable features of the San Lorenzo course includes having a wide variety of holes for golfers to play. The course features a great design that highlights natural terrain areas it calls home. The course has wonderful views throughout the area and its design is creative and engaging. Golfers will have plenty of adventure while admiring views of nature. The 18 hole course offers plenty of challenges for golfers of any play level.

Close Proximity to Sea and Beach Areas at the 5th as a Nice Backdrop

The 5th hole has a nice surprise with perfect views of the beach and the ocean. While it is relaxing and a great sight to see, it could be distracting if there is a breeze coming through. You may even be tempted to visit the beach once you are done with your rounds. Just be mindful of how you take your shot and retain control when the winds pick up. Your skills of playing in wide open spaces will be tested at this hole so get ready.

18th Hole Presents Grand Challenge

This hole is the highlight of a 400-yard plus par with left semi-island green and long stretch of water. This means the last hole of the course could be the one to present you with the most challenge. If you feel you have done well with other holes on the course you could do well here. Yet, in some cases this scenario isn’t always true. Some players look forward to the last hole since it gives them a chance to push themselves and see what they are really capable of. It could be a great way to end your rounds on the course.

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