The Best Way To Stop Fatting Your Chip Shots

Golfers, especially, amateurs are bound to make mistakes, so why get concerned about hitting fat chip shots now and then. Having such an attitude will never get a golfer anywhere. Fat shots not only cost the player a stroke, but it has the adverse effect of killing a person’s confidence. That’s because, the next time the golfer attempts the chip the error committed before would create self-doubt and fear in the mind. The fear will even force the player to hit fat chips again and again.

We’ve a 3 point solution to cure fat chip shots.

#1: Check your ball position

By learning how to execute perfect chip shots, you can greatly reduce the chances of fat shots. Playing the chip with the ball slightly forward or at the center of your stance increases the probability of an error. Play the ball exactly at the center or slightly back to lessen the chances of fatting your chip shots.

#2: The setup

Mechanics of well played chip shots shows that clubhead strikes the ball before it gets to the lowest point of the swing. What this essentially means is that the club must hit the ball on its way down. This descending hit works well, irrespective of the type of lie.

In the short game, you’re never going to get the same lie for each chip shot. That’s a given. To be good at chipping, you need to gauge the clubhead impact point to perfection. If the lie is uneven, let’s take the ball to be sitting even slightly down, with grass between the clubhead and the ball. In such scenarios, the proper point of impact should be when the club is descending down.

Now, to get the descending down shot right, the club shaft must lean towards the target. Also, your hands need to be in front of the ball.

#3: Transfer of weight

While addressing the ball, the weight must be on the front foot. Maintain the weight there till you complete the swing. Golf coach and expert, Rick Smith, advices having 2/3 of your body weight (i.e.) nearly 70 percent, on the front foot.

A simple fix to correct decelerating swing

When chipping the ball, the club must accelerate through the swing, but sadly, most players do just the opposite. A simple solution to check a decelerating swing is to focus on the target (i.e.) the hole, instead of the ball, while practicing chip shots. This drill will help you correct the swing as well as control the distance of the shot.

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