How to Hit a Punch Golf Shot Properly

A good golfer will have a wide-array of shots at his or her disposal. If you are only able to hit one or two different kinds of shots consistently, you will have trouble working your way around the golf course as various situations arise. Being flexible and creative on the course with the kinds of ball flights you create is often the difference between being a decent golfer, and a good one.

A punch shot is one of the shots that you should have in your arsenal. Usually, a punch shot is defined as a low flying shot that rolls out a good distance after it lands. This shot can be used to hit shots under the wind, to take distance off of an approach shot, or just gain control when there are hazards to be concerned with. Use the three tips below to work on your own punch shot and you can soon have a new shot ready to be used when the time is right.

  • Choke Down on the Grip. If you are going to flight the ball lower than usual, you will want to choke down on the grip a couple inches to take away some swing speed. Generally speaking, lower swing speed means less spin, and less spin means a lower-flying shot. After you choke down, don’t try to swing as hard as you can – that will not help your chances. Swing easy and focus on making good contact.
  • Play the Ball Back in Your Stance. The other half of the lower ball flight equation is positioning the ball further back in your stance at address. This will help you make a descending blow down into the ball, which is required for a good punch shot. It might take some practice to get comfortable with playing the ball in the back of your stance, so work on this on the driving range before you put it into use on the golf course.
  • Don’t Rush. The temptation on a punch shot is to hurry through the swing and look up before the ball is even gone. This usually leads to an ugly result. Make sure to take your time during the swing, and use good tempo just like you would with any other shot. Just because you are hitting a low, running shot doesn’t mean you need to make a big change to your rhythm.
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