Visiting The Salgados Golf Course: Are There Any Discounts Available?

People look for value for money, that’s because, it’s not natural for humans to spend more than what is required. This natural instinct to seek out the best deals at every turn acts in golf lover’s favor. With technology by their side, golfers are just a few clicks away from accessing information about different courses and the discounts that are offered to guests.

The Salgados Golf Course in Portugal attracts visitors throughout the year. It, being one of the premium courses in the region has guests lining up to make a reservation. The Salgadoss also holds the distinction of being the most booked golf course in Albufeira.

We know that you want to visit the Salgados Golf Course during your golf vacation to Portugal. There are a few ways you can avail discount rates at this course. Read further to find out more.


Becoming a member at the NAU Hotels & Resorts, the group that manages the Salgados Golf Course is certainly the easiest way to get discounts. To attract permanent visitors most courses offer membership options at reasonable, discount rates. Their aim is to get you to visit often, so that, seeing the quality of the course and facilities offered you give patronage to the course for many years to come. Pricing for yearly membership might change.

The NAU Hotels & Resorts Group has different category of memberships. The Gold Membership starts at around 1600 Euros, the Silver Membership for a period of one year starts at 525 Euros and the Early Bird Memberships that offers unlimited subscription has an individual membership rate of 750 Euros. The group also has a scheme for tourist and away golfers as well. The Away Membership allows golfers to play 25 rounds in a span of four months and the pricing starts at 1100 Euros.

Special and Seasonal Offers

With the goal of attracting more visitors to the course the Salgados announces seasonal of special event offers. Not just that, like most other courses, they also make regular discount offers via their email newsletters to subscribers and on their social media platforms. If you want information about discount offers on this course you can subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media.

Third Party Discounts

There are many third party websites offering discount and concession rates on various golf courses including the Salgados. Some online booking services are better than others. It’s better if you don’t fall for the first deal you get online. Research various websites and peruse the deals before choosing the best fit.

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