Golf Swing Drills to Help You Achieve Pure Contact with the Ball

Pure contact should be the goal of every swing you take. While it is easy to overcomplicate the golf swing and get caught up in all sorts of technical adjustments and tweaks, making perfect contact is what you should always be focused on. When you are able to do that, the rest of the stuff just doesn’t matter very much. There are plenty of good golfers with swings that don’t look great, but they work because they are able to make solid contact shot after shot.

Put the following drills to use on the practice range if you would like to work on your ability to make pure contact with the ball –

  • The punch shot drill. Hitting a punch shot is a useful way to keep the ball down on the course, but it is also helpful as a drill to improve your contact. On the driving range, take one of your mid irons and hit a few punch shots where you are focused on driving the ball low and making clean contact. You should have very minimal follow through on these shots, and they shouldn’t go as far as your regular swings. After a few swings, use the same club to hit full shots and pay attention to your impact with the ball. Hopefully, the punch shots will have gotten your hands into a good position and that will carry over to your full swing.
  • The bad lie drill. This drill only works if you are able to practice on a grass driving range. Find a spot on the range that you can hit from which offers some bad lies in the way of thicker grass or divots that you can place the ball in. By hitting from a bad lie, you will be forced to pay attention to the quality of your impact and make sure you are taking a descending path into the ball.
  • The progressive drill. Using a short iron, set aside five balls for this drill. Start by hitting the first ball only 30-40 yards, focused on making clean contact. With the next ball, try hitting a shot that flies 60-70 yards, again making good contact. Continue on until you hit the last ball with full power. By gradually increasing the power of your shots as you move ‘up the ladder’, you can get a good understanding for how you make clean contact no matter how hard or soft you happen to be swinging.
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