The Best Way To Handle The Laranjal Golf Course

The Laranjal golf course features narrow fairways and obstacles such as lakes. Different types of greens and slopes and uneven areas. There are a few bunkers and a vast amount of trees to add to the level of difficulty. The course also has 5 lakes that are beautiful but they are place near a few holes to add to the adventure. If you are seeking a challenging golf course this is one to test your abilities. Here are 5 tips to help you navigate the Laranjal golf course.

  1. Use good concentration. A number of holes and bunkers are strategic placed throughout the course. The greens alone will require you to concentrate and obtain better focus to ensure you get the ball where you want it to go. Because of some rolling areas you will have your challenges laid out for.
  2. Remember to be patient when working to be accurate. There are holes you can only get good results will unless you work to be accurate during your attempt. The key is to determine how to hit the ball while staying within par. Some holes have par at 3, 4, and 5. This means you need to a good game plan to help you navigate with decent scores throughout the course.
  3. Study course map before playing the course. You can give yourself a head start before playing the course by studying the map. You can learn about some of the most challenging holes to play and have time to think about your strategy. You may also want to consider getting a copy of the scorecard to set goals on what you hope to accomplish on the course.
  4. Take lessons at the golf academy and get tips from the instructor. The Laranjal golf course has a golf academy where golf lessons are available. This is a good time to get tips from the instructor on how to navigate the course. While you are there brush up on your skills. You can also practice at the putting green and driving range.
  5. Take notes on which holes will pose you the most challenges. As you learn about course layout and design you may notice a few holes that stand out more than others. Use this time to take notes and think about strategies you will use.
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Jordan (Germany)

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