Top Ten Golf Tips For Those Who Play For The First Time

The first time you play a round of golf can be a nervy experience. Here are ten tips that you can apply on your first visit to the links:

  1. Keep up the pace of play
  2. If the players behind you are waiting and you've lost your position out on the course, let them play through.

  3. Whoever had the lowest score on the last hole has the honor
  4. "Having the honor" means you hit first off the tee. Once you are down the fairway, whoever furthest away from the hole hits first.

  5. Use a tee on every tee shot
  6. As Jack Nicklaus said, "air offers less resistance than dirt”. Tee the ball up and hit it cleanly.

  7. Play when the course is quiet
  8. if you are playing your first round, you don't want to play when it is busy. You will have more room for errors when the course is quiet.

  9. Pack enough balls
  10. If you are beginner player, you might be losing a lot of golf balls in the rough or in the water, so make sure you pack extra in your golf bag.

  11. Mark your golf ball with a permanent marker
  12. If you can't distinguish between your golf ball and somebody else's, you might hit the wrong ball and you will be penalized.

  13. Bring markers to mark your ball on the green
  14. Many people choose coins, but many golf gloves now have a removable button on the back of the golf glove that you can use.

  15. Bring drinks and snacks
  16. Some golf rounds can take 4 hours, so if you are playing through a regular mealtime you will feel hungry. You don't want to eat anything too sugary like a chocolate bar because you will have a sugar crash and an energy low an hour or so after you eat it. A piece of fruit or some nuts is a good choice. Water is a good idea to keep you hydrated if you are playing in summer.

  17. When you are around the greens and putting, put your golf bag on the way to the next tee
  18. This way, when you finish on the green, you can walk towards the next tee and grab your bag on the way rather than having to go back towards the fairway to get your clubs. This will keep up the pace of your play.

  19. Pack a fresh pair of socks
  20. Changing your socks half way through the round will improve your mood and make you feel clean and fresh, ready to take on the second nine holes.

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Jordan (Germany)

Thank you so much for helping me choose a golf resort for my summer vacation - I truly enjoyed it. See you next year!

Bobby (UK)

I have stumbled upon this resource a few months ago and realized right away that it is going to be of use when I start planning my golf holidays - I've learned a lot from here and did not have to pay a penny! Keep it up guys.