Golf Tutorial For Rookies: The Bisque Stroke

As a beginner it is understandable if you do not really know what the bisque stroke means in golf. However, remaining in the dark is not a good thing. It is always advisable that whenever you come across something that is new to you, you make an attempt to find out what it is. That is how learning takes place. No one is born with all knowledge, we seek and build on the little that we have, and from there it is easier to learn new things that build us and make us better individuals.

There are three important things that you need to know about the bisque stroke, most of which even some semi-pro players are not able to tell apart. With respect to this stroke, there is a lot of confusion especially in as far as the definition of terms is concerned, and we will address these here.

  • Bisque
  • Bisque par
  • Using the bisque stroke


The term on its own is supposed to refer to a unique golf competition where the players use handicap strokes. However, the rules of this game are a bit different. When you are playing the bisque, the handicap strokes are played based on the handicap rank of the holes that are available on the course.

The ranks will in most cases be indicated on the scorecard that the players are using. When playing this format however, every player is allowed to use their handicap strokes on whichever of the holes that they desire. However, in order to keep things fair, players are required to announce the handicap strokes that they intend to use on particular holes ahead of the teeing off for the hole in question.

Bisque par

There is a difference between the bisque par and the bisque we discussed above. The bisque par is also a competition, the only difference being that the format is based on the foundation known as Par vs. Match Play.

Using the bisque stroke

The bisque stroke refers to a handicap stroke that is awarded a golfer from another player to entice them to play a game. It is more like a bet. At the same time, the player that receives the stroke will also receive the complete allotment of the awarding player’s handicap strokes. Learning the difference between these will make you an enlightened player.

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