Is Vale De Pinta Golf Course A Good Choice For Your Golf Getaway?

If you want to go on a golf holiday and just relax and play on a perfect course then the Vale de Pinta course in Portugal would certainly be your top choice without a shred of doubt. The reason is simple, the golf course isn’t exactly long, as it sits at 5662 metres only and it can still provide a fair test to all golfers! It doesn’t matter when you’ve picked up the sport of golf, but as long as you are passionate about it then it would be wise for you to pay this course a visit.

One of the best courses in Europe

It is likely that you have heard of the Vale de Pinta golf course before, because it is definitely one of the most reputable courses in Europe. Why’s that? Well, to begin the golf course is designed by some of the best architects in the world and it’s maintained by a really good management team. The course is almost playing in tournament conditions all the time and that’s what you would expect from a world-class golf course. It’s not the easiest course around, but the challenge is still enjoyable!

Hosted European Tour events

Let’s be honest, how many courses can actually claim that they have hosted European Tour events in the past? The answer is not many. Vale de Pinta is one of the few and if you don’t visit the course, it would be a huge miss! It’s a real golfing gem! But be prepared, there’s a reason why it can host European Tour events; the course can play rather tough and with the small greens on the course, be prepared to hit many quality iron shots to make a good score.

Awesome landscape

The tree line on the course is made up of sparse olives, so the view is truly spectacular. You would enjoy the views as much as you enjoy playing the course! Of course, don’t let yourself get carried away – you still have to hit quality shots if you really want to post a good score around here. The course, along with the landscape requires the players to think carefully about the shots that they hit and it could be punishing. So if you are truly looking for a great place to play golf, the Vale de Pinta would be your ideal place and you will love it there!

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