Golf Getaways In Algarve An Overview Of The Best Links Courses

There are those golfers who demand a challenge when playing a game. They insist on playing courses that consistently test their accuracy and especially their aim. Links courses have a way of doing this the best because escaping the external rough on these courses is near impossible. But another reason links courses are so popular is because of the ocean view—a feature that many Algarve golf courses are famous for. Here are our three favourites.


Perhaps the most well known links golf course in Algarve is the Palmares course. It combines its ocean elements with the clever placement of bunkers, trees and other obstacles. In trying to avoid these obstacles, you may find yourself in the bushy rough—a place you do not want to stay for very long! As with most links golf courses, watch out for the wind; it may prove to be the biggest challenge of all.


A course that makes use of many natural obstacles is the Salgados golf course in Algarve. Not all the holes are considered links holes but those that are will affect your game if your accuracy isn’t up to scratch. Salgados is also known for its strong winds which seem to work together with the water hazards and bunkers. Learn your wind play as well as you can before attempting this golf course and advise your companions to do the same.

Vale do Lobo

The Vale do Lobo course touches the beach front on the odd hole. However, some of the other holes—while close to the shore—are higher up on the cliff. Even here the outskirts are made up of hard ground and matted grass terrain. The layout of this golf course will seriously challenge the best players. If it’s a challenge you want, then we suggest you give it a try. Yes, you will kick yourself for your mistakes, but you’ll walk away a better golfer in the end.

These courses will be appreciated for their ocean view scenery as well as their ability to test your aim. To further challenge players, links courses often present windy conditions too. All of these will pose the difficulties that some die-hard golfers are constantly chasing after. So if you’re that kind of a golfer, then book one of these courses for your next Algarve holiday.

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