How to Make a Solid Shot from a Downhill Lie in Golf

The downhill-lie shot, well, it is indeed one of the most feared shot in golf. The reason why this shot is scary is because it can cause the any sort of results! That means you can be hitting the ball everywhere if you don’t do it properly. However, if you learn how to play from a downhill lie, you will actually find it to be pretty easy. In fact, pros practice off downhill lies to improve their swing, so you know it’s certainly doable! Here are a few secrets to hit great shots from this difficult lie.

Your weight must remain forward

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do with the ball; you can hit it low, high or a hook, fade, whatever it is, your weight must remain forward. That’s the prerequisite of hitting from the downhill lie. If your weight strays away, then there is a good chance that you are going to hit it fat and it will certainly ruin your day. If your weight were too far forward, all that could happen would be a slightly thinned shot.

Commit and swing through it

Swinging the golf club off a downhill lie is very difficult already, but you must be committed to what you are doing and swing through the ball. If you decelerate at any point of the swing, then chances are you are going to screw it up. Clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts and just think of hitting the ball solidly. Remember, all you have to do is just accelerate through the ball and that’s it!

Get one less club

Hitting off a downhill lies will automatically deloft your club. That means a 7-iron will have an effective loft of a 6-iron at impact. The ball will also travel lower with more roll, so decide how you are going to hit the shot. But in most cases, getting one less club would do the trick for you.

Play it along the hill

Set up the ball with the downhill angle in mind. If you set up like normal, then you would hit the ball fat. That means the whole body should be tilted forward at set up and that would help you in delivering a better strike to the ball. This may feel weird at first and you could struggle to find the perfect impact point. But with practice, this should come to you easily and quickly.

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