Why so many professional golf players prefer to train in Algarve?

Algarve provides various golfing opportunities for both beginners and advanced players. A large number of avid golf players may notice a large number of professional golfers visit this area often to play a few rounds. There may be a number of reasons behind why many golf professionals come here to play. For the most part, pro golfers will have their own reasons for visiting, but it can be interesting to speculate why they like to come here to play.


As one of the most popular places to play golf in Portugal, this area offers plenty of relaxing and comfortable areas to play a few rounds. A number of golfers can relate to wanting a calm and quiet place to be able to focus. This part of the world is popular for offering amazing golf vacations and comforting accommodations at top hotels and resorts. Many pro golfers don’t mind paying for such comfort since it may cost more than the average person is willing to pay unless they find a good travel deal. All in all, with beautiful ocean views, beaches, and other nature scenes, practically any golfer would admire playing in this setting.

Quality of Courses

If you have had a chance to access the quality of the golf courses in this region you may notice they are well kept, plush, and offer a number of obstacles to challenge their skills. You can get an idea of some of the best courses based on reviews and star ratings many have received. It can be interesting to see professional golfers playing on the course since a few of them don’t mind being watched by avid golfers. Plus, many pro golfers that design golf courses in other parts of the world have gotten inspiration from Algarve. It seems obvious this area has a respectable approach to the sport.


Aside from courses providing quality golf settings for professional players, many have come to know this area as where many championships are won and born. This area of Portugal has been the home of some of the best golf plays the world has seen. Tournaments won here have been taken home by a large number of pros and many spectators have memories of their own watching some of the most challenging holes being played either on television or in person.

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