Golf Holidays In The Lagos Area, Algarve: The Palmares Course

The Palmares golf course in Algarve sits right next to the Bay of Lagos. The course is accompanied by plenty of green and open fairway. The course is a great spot for golfers planning their next golf holiday. The course offers great holes, perfect weather and a chance to enjoy a few rounds with adventure and challenges. The course offers 18 holes and throughout the year players can enjoy deals and discounts including special offers on green fees.

Golf Course Offers Great Design

The Palmares golf course in Algarve features a unique design with golfers saying their favorite holes are 1-9. The design is welcoming and provides plenty of opportunities for golfers to utilize their abilities on a variety of shots. There are plenty of plush greens to enjoy with minimal trees and structures. It is a great place with calm views and some say it is a good course for beginners. Yet, seasoned golfers may find a few holes good for practicing or brushing up their techniques. The course is ideal without too many fancy features while showcasing natural colors.

Breezy Conditions Bring Interesting Challenges

There are several areas on the course golfers have mentioned tend to have hidden challenges. The wind is known to be difficult for any golf to take a shot. Yet, there are times windy conditions at the Palmares golf course have caught some players off guard. Many golfers say they actually enjoyed playing with the wind as they experienced something new and different. Yet, if you are new to playing on the course it may take some time to know when to make adjustments to your play when the wind occurs.

A Great Course for Championship Tournaments

A number of championship tournaments have been hosted at Palmares golf course in the past. Many visitors say they enjoyed watching some of the best golfers play here. Aside from professional golfers there are other tournaments that play here during the year. The course offers great features for group players and the atmosphere is something many people talk about. Aside from golf tournaments you can enjoy other features provided by the course including good food, pro shop and lessons. There are other activities close by allowing visitors to get to know the culture and history of the area.

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