Practical Tips On How To Play The Benamor Golf Course

Not far away from the ancient city of Tavira, Algarve, is located the gorgeous Benamor Golf Course. The decision to build a course was taken way back in the 1980’s and the late Sir Henry Cotton was roped in to design the 18-hole golf paradise. It’s said Cotton drew inspiration for the design from the stunning location and the beautiful church nearby.

The Benamor Golf Course is 5500 meters, 18-holes with a par of 71. It offers excellent playing conditions for golfers of all skill levels and experiences. The grass, fairways, greens, and various hazards test the stroke play and strategy of the golfers. Similarly, the awesome views of the Atlantic Ocean and mountains to the north test the golfer’s concentration. For those looking to pick up practical tips before visiting the Benamor Golf Course, here are some:

  • Hole-1; Par-4: A nice tee to begin. Stay to the right half of the fairway. The green is guarded by two bunkers in the front. An armature can reach the green in two shots. For the green, it’s better to use one more hit.
  • Hole-2; Par-3: The landscape here is uphill and the green is a tricky and not easy for putting. Carry an extra club. A par is a good result at this hole.
  • Hole-3; Par-4: This is a nice and a wide open hole. The length of the green is 26 meters and the width is 18 meters. There are two small bunkers a little to the front of the green. Take chances here, a birdie is very much possible.
  • Hole-4; Par-4: Again a nice and easy hole to play. Two decent shots will get you in the green.
  • Hole-5; Par-5: This is a long hole with an uphill tee. The left side of the fairway is dotted with trees, so a good drive is must to escape them. Once you clear the trees, it’s easy going from there on.
  • Hole-6; Par-4: A powerful drive is needed, followed by an accurate second shot. There are small bunkers on the left corner of the green.
  • Hole-7; Par-5: An easy hole with an uphill tee shot. The green has bunkers on both sides. A good golfer can hit a birdie on this hole.
  • Hole-8; Par-3: A hole well suited for a powerful drive with a wood. A par is a good result here.
  • Hole-9; Par-4: A par here is a satisfactory result. The green is 26 meters in length and 25 meters in width. It’s also well protected by bunkers.
  • Hole-10; Par-3: The left is out of bounds and there are two lakes at the front. A 4-iron or 9-iron should be good on this hole.
  • Hole-11; Par-4: A fine hole with a wide open fairway ideally suited for a birdie. There are three bunkers shielding the green in the front. A powerful tee shot and an accurate pitch can get the ball to the green.
  • Hole-12; Par-3: A sizable green with equally sizeable sand traps on either side. Club selection is crucial.
  • Hole-13; Par-4: A clear, open fairway with wide green offers an easy chance for a birdie. A decent player can get to the green with a couple of 5-irons.
  • Hole-14; Par-4: Not an easy hole to score. A bent to the right makes the second shot tricky. Par is a good result.
  • Hole-15; Par-5: Both left and right sides of the fairway are out of bounds. Bunkers on either side of the green, but a decent golfer can make par.
  • Hole-16; Par-4: A hard hitter with a power drive can reach the green in regulation. A stroke index 2 hole with a second shot that goes downhill.
  • Hole-17; Par-3: A decent hole with stroke index of 12. A good hitter can easily make par. The green has two large bunkers on both sides and a water hazard in front.
  • Hole-18; Par-5: A challenging hole with left and right out of bounds and three sand traps surrounding the green. Consider yourself lucky if you make par on this hole.
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