How to make a perfect contact no matter how difficult your lie

Making good contact with ball means you need to improve how you strike it. Ball striking is skill many golfers look to improve. There are different elements that go into making perfect contact that can be practiced overtime. A large number of golfers find this aspect difficult. The good news is there are different options you can choose from to help you get results. The following aspects are common areas you will want to work on in getting effective results with your contact.

Check Your Posture

Your posture is another element that helps you grip your club correctly. This element is also important as you complete your swing. Your body should be in a specific position before you swing in order to make contact. When you do this you create a good plane for your club to travel that will lead to the ball. Many golfers fail to make contact because their posture shifts or changes when their club makes contact with the ball. You need to work on maintaining your position so you can make good contact even after the ball has been hit.

Pay Attention to Your Grip

You need the right grip to strike the ball. Where you grip your club and how you do it is crucial to helping your club head get contact. Your hands should be forward when you make impact after you swing.

Obtain Clubface Control

As you set to make impact on the ball your clubface should be in control. This means the face should be square with the surface of the ball upon contact. If you have your face open to widely this will cause your distance and power to be off course and you lose it. As your clubface rotates it should be from open to closed upon impact.

Practice with Drills

Know which drills to use to help you establish solid contact. There are drills for golf balls, posture, and your clubface. The idea of completing drills helps you understand why you are not establishing contact with the ball. You will also learn how to correct your movements when you pinpoint your errors. Ball drills help you strike the ball, posture drills help you control your body and maintain position, and drills with your clubface help you understand where and how you establish impact with the ball.

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