Expert Hints on Green Fee Rates in and near Lisbon for Newbies

Lisbon is one of the ancient cities of Portugal and indeed a beautiful one. Lisbon Sports Club had started giving participation to its members for sports like cricket, golf, tennis and football in the beginning of 20th century. However, it was only after two decades later that organized golf was instituted in Lisbon. And, now after 90 years, there are twenty nine golf courses, both 9-hole courses and 18-hole courses. Apart from golf, there are many other activities in Lisbon. If you are planning a golf break to Lisbon, you must find out and book green fees in advance.

For those who do not know what green fee is, it is the amount that a golf course charges from the players for a round of golf. Many golf courses give away brochures with complete details of green fees at different time of the year. Green fee vary throughout the year depending upon the demand. It also varies for different times of the day and your status as a golfer. Typically, golf courses charge more at the weekends than on weekdays.

How to book green fees in Lisbon?

  • Try to plan your holiday during weekdays rather than weekends. You will find a huge difference in price.
  • You can also plan your golf break during off season to save even more money.
  • If you going to play golf in Lisbon just for leisure, you can save on your round of golf by making a booking in the evening. It is difficult to complete the round of golf in the evening. That is why; golf courses reduce their fees at that time.
  • The junior and senior golfers also receive more discounts on their game.
  • In case you have taken the membership of the club, you will get more discounts than the guest golfers.
  • There are many golf courses, which offer a round of 9-holes. This means you do not have to pay for all 18-holes if you do not want to play a long round. A few golf courses even offer a 12-hole round.
  • You will also find ‘player fee’ rate at some course, which includes the fees of cart as well.

What is the science behind green fees?

Every golf course has a subjective system of charging golf course green fees. You will find the fee as low as 30 € and as high as 102 €. The green fee depends upon the condition and standard maintained by the golf course. The luxurious ones are obviously beyond expensive due to high maintenance. However, if you keep a track of discounts and offers, you can get great deals on expensive courses too. You also stay in touch with travel agents, who can give you information on such discounts. One good option is to call the golf course and ask for discounts; your might bang on target.

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