Simple Tips on How to Lower Your Golf Handicap

If there is one goal that nearly all golfers share, it is to lower their handicap. A golf handicap is a good measure of skill and scoring ability, so the lower you can make your handicap, the more accomplished you will feel in the world of golf. Lowering your handicap is more about consistent quality play than it is about hitting great shots or pulling off an incredible round every once in a while. When you are able to find consistent performance from round to round, that is when your handicap will fall.

The following tips can be used to start down the road toward a lower handicap –

  • Put away your driver. Penalty shots are a killer of good golf scores, and your driver can get you into more trouble than any other cub in the bag. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever hit your driver, but you need to pick and choose your spots so you don’t get into trouble too frequently. Hit driver only when you are comfortable and confident in your ability to hit the fairway on a given hole.
  • Practice your putting. If you are a golfer who tends to spend most of your practice time on the driving range, try placing more emphasis on your putting during practice sessions. Specifically, work on long putts to improve your ability to lag them close to the hole. Lowering your handicap likely won’t happen if you are still three putting on a regular basis, so work on your putting touch and technique so you can avoid those dreaded three putts. Also, carve out a little practice time to work on your putts from inside five feet to build confidence for when you face those short putts on the course.
  • Learn from your mistakes. By far, the best thing a golfer can do to lower their handicap is learn from the mistakes that they have made previously. All golfers hit bad shots, make bad decisions, crack under pressure, etc. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes on the golf course, as long as you learn from them and make the proper adjustments. If you are diligent about changing your patterns to avoid making the same mistakes in the future, you can gradually take the mistakes out of your game and you will find yourself hitting more and more good shots. In the long run, this is the best strategy for a lower handicap.
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