How To Control The Distance Of The Shot You Make With An Iron Club

You have an iron club and you have been on the green for quite some time. Sadly you cannot happen to get your shots going an appropriate distance. When you want to send the shot rather closer, it strays further than you intended, and when you want it to go so far, the ball moves like it didn’t even feel like leaving its original spot in the first place. These are common frustrations that occur to players on the course from time to time.

Getting the perfect distance for your shots is easy, though not so easy. When you come to think about it, there are quite a number of players out there who have perfected their game so much to the point where they can bet you to strike their ball with their eyes closed, and they will send it where they want it to go. These are the Cristiano Ronaldos of golf. Here’s a secret that you might never have thought about – they were never that good in the first place; everyone starts from that place where you are right now, from zero.

The following are some tips that will help you get good distance on your shot, and most importantly, control. With more practice, you should be able to achieve the height of your desire, and never have to struggle at all:

  • Good stance
  • The downswing
  • Visualize

Good stance

There is nothing more important to you when you are playing this shot than the stance that you make. The reason for this is because a good stance will not only allow you to stand properly, but it will also make it easier for you to pack some stability under your legs as you prepare to take the shot. Therefore you do not have to worry about your shot buckling under awkward leg positioning.

The downswing

There is a lot that your downswing will have to impact on the shot that you are playing. A proper downswing should be precise, not rushed. You should bring the club down carefully, not with a lot of unnecessary force.


Where do you want to send the ball in the first place? If you do not think about this, you will not have any chance at all to get the distance right. All the good players will always think about this first.

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