Golf Lessons: Three Keys to a Powerful Swing

A powerful swing in golf can be a great secret weapon. This helps you get the ball where you want it to go and you have control of the energy created to help you make solid contact. There are several things you can do to obtain a powerful swing. You can practice techniques that include changing your grip and improving your stance and posture. You can complete practice drills that help you point out problem areas you can work on. Here are three tips to assist you in understanding how you can achieve a powerful swing in golf.

Firm Grip with Good Balance

You need to have a firm grip when you swing but try not to grip the club too tightly. If you grip too tightly you may cause tension to build within your swing. This can also affect the amount of balance you achieve throughout the swing motion. When you are calm and relaxed your body will follow through giving you natural power with a touch of force. Your weight should shift or transfer to the ball of your feet. This combination will set you up for a good power shot.

Rotate Hips toward Your Target

Do you notice how your body gets ready and winds up before the shot is made? As you swing your arms with club in hand it is almost as if the upper part of the body winds around at a quarter turn. Pay attention to hip movement and rotation. Your target should be on the same plain as your ball. As you swing through and make contact with the ball this helps it travel evenly toward its target. Be mindful of your shoulders as you swing and your body rotates. They should go back as you move into your backswing.

Eyes Should Be On the Ball as You Swing Through to Make Contact

When you follow through with your swing the ball should be in visual contact. This is almost like saying the stance you achieve or start with when you address that ball is the same position you come back to after you hit the ball before following through with your swing. The motion may take some time to get comfortable with, but as you practice you will see improvement and more strength with your swing. Try a few drills to help you see results.

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