Golf Tips: What to Do if You're Missing Too Many Fairways

Missing too many fairways is a common beginner problem when it comes to golfing. There are lots of people who have been guilty of doing this and when we look at the statistics of those who often do, most beginners are the ones who happen to struggle a lot with this. This does not however mean that it is only the beginners who are going to struggle with missing fairways. In the event that you are a keen follower of some of the major tournaments you will realize that there are times when even some of the best players in the world happen to miss the fairways. What this means therefore is that this is a problem that does not indicate your inadequacy in the game, but something that can happen to anyone. For the same reason therefore we need to look into ways of helping you avoid this problem.

  • There are three important points to note when you are planning to hit the perfect shot in this regard; stop, drop and make a twist. The biggest challenge that perhaps a lot of players who struggle with this have is that they normally are not as accurate off the tee. In fact upon careful analysis, most of these players are not only missing the fairways, but they actually end up with a skewed shot by miles.
  • You need to focus on the downswing. A lot of the players who often err with this shot normally lose focus on the downswing and as a result things go haywire. The downswing is not just a downward facing shot, but it is a complete sequence of events that in the long run determines the nature and quality of your shot.
  • As you are preparing for this shot, you will realize that the first part of an effective downswing involves keeping your energy and getting the club moving in the right plane. Second to that, this is where the adequate strength is administered to the stroke, delivering the right amount of energy and as you are about to complete it, a heavy twist.
  • The final stage of the perfect downswing will see you rotate your body. This act of rotation will help you get the ball properly, and with a square club face. By practicing some of these tips, you will be able to avoid this problem.
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