Golf Setup Fundamentals: The Lob Shot

A lob shot is extremely useful for when you need to clear a tall obstacle directly in front of you. Setting up for the lob shot is the key to successfully pulling it off. So, here are the fundamental stance guidelines for this particularly difficult shot.

Lean your bodyweight forward

The best way to execute a lob shot is to lean your body slightly forward at address. This is one of three body positions that makes up part of a tight, curling-like stance which creates the short, high shot you are after. The other two will be discussed further below.

Aim to slide under the ball

Your clubface is to slide underneath the ball which will create the upward lob. This also means that the toe of the clubface should be flat on the ground. If your swing is consistent and relaxed, the clubface will connect the ball on the same spot as it was at address.

Cock your head behind the ball

When you are standing tightly over the ball, your head should be cocked sideways behind it. This is the second of the three curling stance positions mentioned earlier. This also gives you more of a view of where on the ball contact is to be made.

Ball must be forward in your stance

Instead of being in the centre of your feet, the ball must be far forward. This gives you a full view of the underside of the ball—the part that you will be aiming for. This is the final of the three curling stances spoken about above. With your weight leaning forward, the ball in front of you, and your head cocked behind it, your swing will shoot the ball upward and over the obstacle you are trying to clear.

Flexible wrist makes for a stronger shot

Since you won’t be hitting the ball hard, it’s advisable to allow your wrist a lot of flexibility. This adds height and distance to the ball while it’s being connected. It helps to keep your hands tightly wrapped around the club’s handle, but still allowing very lose wrists to ensure an upward projection of the ball.

The softer the better

A slow, soft shot is all you need for a decent lob shot. If you hit too hard, the ball may fly further, but too low to clear your obstacle. Therefore don’t overdo it, but aim for height rather than distance.

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