Practical Advice On How To Build Your Iron Club Set

As a golfer, you should know that buying a quality Golf club set can cost you a fortune. And then the ones that is used by Pros is way too expensive for an average level golfer. So, for overcoming this problem, you should know how to make your own set. Here is the process of making your own set.

There are a few items that you will need for making your own set which include Metal Shafts, Club heads, Ferrules, Glue, Grip Tape, Pipe Cutter, Rubber Grips, Measuring Tape, Steel Brush and a Masking Tape. The process is explained below.

  1. Everything in Engineering starts with designing and measurements. So, first of all you should measure the length of the shaft that you require for your club. The easiest way to calculate the length of the shaft is measuring the length from your waist to the ground and this will give you an ideal length for your game.
  2. Cut the shaft to the length you just calculated in Step number 1. If the club is shorter, you will definitely have more control over it but the shot you will hit with it will cover a lesser distance when compared to the longer club.
  3. If you want to variate the length of the shaft, you should mark the ends and give it another cut with a clean finish. If you are using a Graphite stick instead of metal shaft, you should use a masking tape for marking the ends as it will decrease the possibility of it getting splintered. You should make sure that every shaft is ½ inch shorter than the original length as you will attach the club heads later.
  4. After Step 4, you have to assemble the club head. For that, rub the shaft in the sand as you will apply epoxy or glue later and this will give it a strong bond. Insert the shaft in the club head and mark the spot where the club comes to an end.
  5. Now take the ferrule and slide it down to that mark. Start applying Epoxy on the club shaft below the mark and it should be a thin layer.
  6. Place the shaft on the club and push it all the way down. Make sure that the club must go in straight. Let the Epoxy get dry for 12 hours.
  7. After the club is made, measure the grip and cut it. Now slide it down on the shaft with a lubricant applied on the shaft and fix it tight with a tape.
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