Golf Chipping Setup Basics Every Player Ought To Know

The golf chip is one of the precision shots that almost any player should be able to perform. There are some precision shots that you only leave to the professionals, but the chip is not one of them. This is the kind of shot that even the amateurs can perform. You will need to do some practice, lots of practice for you to have a good shot at getting this right. There are some basics to chipping that you should have in mind by now. By so doing, you will hardly get to struggle with this shot. We will look into some of the basic tips right here:

  • Importance of chipping
  • Weight distribution
  • Grip and swing
  • Ball elevation

Importance of chipping

Some students might wonder why they need to learn how to chip. Well, chipping is one of the easiest ways of making sure that you can become a successful golf player. In order to attain this you will need to make sure that you have the proper club and know how to position yourself as you address the ball.

Weight distribution

The distribution of your weight is another element that will come so far in determining whether you can make the perfect chip or not. As you are addressing the ball, you need to make sure that you have approximately 60% of your weight set on your front foot.

Grip and swing

The way you hold on to the club will determine a lot about your chip shot. There are a lot of things that you can learn about the grip, but by the end of the day you will need to come up with something that works just for you. It is important not to try and ape the grip style that someone else is using because by the end of the day, their choice and your choice might be really different. People normally use a particular grip based on a number of features which depend on things like their physique relative to the club that they are using.

When you pay attention to all of these features there is nothing that will stop you from perfecting the chip shot. As a matter of fact there is so much that you will come to benefit from this. It will help you improve your game, and with some practice you will soon be able to enjoy the finest golf experience of your life so far.

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