Make Crisp Contact from Tight Lies in Golf

Having a tight lie on the golf course is a situation that scares many beginning golfers. A tight lie is defined as one where there is very little – or no – grass under the ball to help you get it up into the air. Pros actually love to hit from tight lies because they are able to control the ball with ease, but it is a whole different story for most amateurs when they are faced with the same situation. The good news is that you can learn to handle tight lies with ease, and you might find that you start to enjoy finding them once you have a good game plan for dealing with this spot on the course.

Try putting to use the following tips when you have to handle a tight lie –

  • Take an extra club, and swing easy. Swinging hard of a tight lie will make it more difficult to make solid contact. Instead, use an extra club so that you know you have enough club to reach the green, and simply focus on making clean contact. You won’t need to make as big of a swing when you take this approach, so the odds of making good contact go way up.
  • Stay well balanced. Balance is a tip that you will see over and over in golf instruction, and for good reason – it is one of the top keys to playing well. That goes double for playing off of a tight lie, where you need to stay on balance throughout the swing to help the club find the back of the ball cleanly. Getting off balance during a swing where you are playing from a tight lie is a recipe for disaster and will almost certainly lead to a poor result.
  • Play the ball back in your stance. Hitting down on the ball when it is sitting on a tight lie is a vital piece of the equation. To make it easier to hit down on the ball, try moving the ball back in your stance and extra inch or two before you start your swing. Don’t make any other adjustments to your swing or your technique beyond the change in ball position. As long as you pay attention properly to your balance and keep your eyes down on the ball, you should soon be able to strike the ball beautifully from any tight lie.
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