Fixing the Golf Slice in No Time

Fixing a slice is one of the biggest challenges in golf. Many golfers struggle with the slice, and few are able to quickly resolve it without significant time and effort. If you are currently battling a slice in your game, don’t let it get the best of you. While it might take some work, you can overcome it through a combination of practice and proper technique. In reality, it doesn’t need to take that long to solve the slice once you know what you need to work on.

Following are a few points to consider while you are trying to solve the puzzle that is the slice.

  • Focus on tempo. Good tempo in your swing can solve many of the problems that lead to a slice. When you start to slice the ball, there is a good chance that you are rushing your transition from the top of the backswing into the downswing. Try to slow down this portion of your swing by just a split second and your should find that your mechanics start to fall into place much better.
  • Reach back in the takeaway. Having a narrow takeaway is a sure fire way to hit a slice, so make sure you are getting plenty of width during the backswing to put yourself in a good position from which to hit the shot. For a right handed golfer, try to keep your right arm as straight as possible for the first foot or so of the backswing to get this width. As the club starts to lift up around your body while you turn away from the target, your arm will fold naturally and you should be able to find a good backswing position.
  • Picture the path. Sometimes, the answer to a golf problem like the slice is all in your mind. Before you start the swing, picture your club moving on an in-to-out path through the zone. If you are able to replicate that path with your actual swing, it will be almost impossible to hit a slice. When practicing on the driving range, start by hitting some half-speed shots while focusing on tracing the proper line through impact. As you get more comfortable with that path, start to add power and speed to the swing. Soon enough, you will be moving the club through the zone correctly and the slice should disappear.
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