Golf Tips For Starters: How To Eliminate A Scoop

Scooping the ball is the root of many various problems in golf. These can include; fat shots, slices to the right, and of course, deep divots. To eliminate the scoop, a simple understanding of three things needs to be attained. First, the correlation between where the ball is and where the club will make contact. Second, how your body moves when you make your swing. Finally, how you should stand in conjunction with where the ball is.

It’s all about the low point

The most important part of not scooping the ball is recognizing where the low point of your swing will be. If, when you swing, the clubface’s lowest point is not connecting the ball on the sweet spot, you will end up developing a scoop habit. This is because subconsciously, you feel you need to manipulate the ball to rise when you hit it.

Don’t fall back into your right side

Another way players scoop the ball is by twisting the body to the right on the downswing. This is evident in the right elbow rubbing against your side when the club is on its way down. This will inevitably result in a scoop-like stroke and cause your ball to go into all kinds of unintended directions.

Ball to be dead centre

Part of understanding the low point of your clubface is knowing where the ball must be in relation to your stance. When the ball is in the exact centre of your two feet, you can successfully hit a straight shot with the confidence that the clubface angle will give you the lift you need. A fraction in front or behind the ball may result a fat or a thin shot, and you’ll soon start trying to scoop the ball—a habit that is not easy to break.

A no-scoop drill

In addition to tending to these three mistakes, there is an anti scoop drill that you can perform to get your body used to not scooping. When you practice an iron shot, simply lift your left leg and try to make the shot balanced on your right. This works for two reasons:

  • First, you will learn to maintain better balance when playing.
  • And second, you will get into the habit of keeping your weight on the right side of your body.

Once you’ve done this a few times, put your leg down again, but make sure your weight stays on the right so that your scoop is finally eliminated.

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