An Original Golf Guide: The Facts on Shaft Flex

Picking out the proper shaft flex for any new clubs you are going to purchase is highly important. Even if you buy the latest and greatest new clubs on the market, they are unlikely to perform well for you unless you have the right flex shaft installed. The proper flex for your swing will allow the club to work with you naturally – the wrong flex will mean that you are ‘fighting’ the club all the way through.

Not sure if you are currently using the right shaft flex in the clubs that you already own? There are a couple of quick and easy ways to get a good idea of whether the shafts you have now are too soft, too stiff, or just right.

Ball Floating High and Right

As a right handed golfer, if you see the ball floating off high and to the right, there is a good chance that you are using shafts which are too soft (for a left handed golfer, it would be high and left that would indicate a soft shaft). This ball flight is frustrating because it usually goes well off-target, costs you distance, and really gets punished in the wind. When you make what you think is a good swing, only to see this ball flight result, it might be time to see a club fitter for a test of your shafts.

Can’t Get the Ball off the Ground

When you have trouble getting the golf ball up into the air properly, you may be using a shaft that is too stiff. Without enough shaft bend coming down into impact, your shots may look like ‘line drives’ and never get the required amount of backspin to climb up into the sky and come down softly. Also, if you feel like you are having to work too hard during the swing to get the club to come around, you might have a shaft that is too stiff for the swing speed you are generating.

There is a happy medium between these two extremes where you would like to land with your shafts. They should be stiff enough so that you can control them easily, but not so stiff that you have to work too hard to get them up into the air. Visiting a professional club fitter who has all of the modern technology available to test your clubs and recommend the right shafts for you is a good step if you want to maximize the performance from your clubs.

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