Stop the pop-ups and to hit the golf ball higher and farther

Pop-ups occur when too much weight shifts down when the club makes contact with the ball. In some cases this occurs at a steep angle. This can make a nasty mark on the club head aside from making a not so pretty scene on the course after contact is made. The good news is golfers can stop this from occurring by paying closer attention to form before making contact. Your setup before you go into your swing can be accessed along with your position when you address the ball.

Understand Why They Happen So You Can Avoid It

When you address the ball you need to pay attention to how you do it and where improvements can be made. From here you get insight on what you need to do to fix the problem. Many golfers experience a downswing that is too steep and end up teeing the ball at a lower angle. Try teeing the ball higher and consider the angle you do it from. Your angle should be from the inside instead of the outside. You may need to practice this element a few times to ensure you understand the technique and where you need to improve.

Improve Your Stance

The way you stand when you are ready to address the ball may be another problem. Your spine should be tilted away from your target. This aspect will help you shift your body weight to where it needs to be and improve the amount of weight on your legs and feet. This can help you stand in a position to help you follow through with your shot minimizing pop-ups. The top of your backswing may benefit as the right side of the body rotates through the swing.

Additional Details to Review to Help the Ball Go Higher and Farther

When you hit the ball think about creating a plane that is shallow. This will help you sweep the ball off the tee. Pay attention to the shaft and where it should move. You can use golf swing drills to help you overcome this problem. One drill includes using the club like a baseball bat. You can swing it back and forth but in a horizontal position. You can squat and practice your swings. You can start lower and work your way up to standing in a normal position as you practice.

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