Advanced Golf Instruction On Performing The Partial Wedge Shot

Performing the perfect partial wedge shot is not one of the easiest things that you can get to do, and you can be sure that every once in a while you will also come across a number of professional players who struggle to get this out of the way. The secret to making some of these shots does not lie in giving up and asserting to yourself that there are some shots that you might never be able to pull off. It does not matter that you are not planning to play golf as a professional, but even just for fun, it is awesome being able to enjoy the full extent of the game by performing some of the finest shots ever, and you can start by learning how to make this one count.

  • Mastering the partial wedge shot is one of the skills that a lot of players want to make sure that they are able to, considering that it is one of the shots in the game that gives the lower scores. Imagine hitting the ball soft and high, going off to some 60 yards on the turf and this is just what you need. Many are the players that usually want to make sure that they can master this shot, especially those who are within the mid to high handicap.
  • This is a shot that requires a high carry over water hazards or bunkers to a prime position. First of all, for you to make this shot you need to perfect the sand wedge, open faced. This is because when you perfect this one, the partial wedge shot becomes much easier to master. It is the kind of shot that you get when you want a high trajectory and some serious spin on the ball.
  • One of the biggest problems that a lot of players face is that they tend to have a really low angle of bounce on their wedges. Considering the possibility that you are on a high loft, a low bounce wedge pretty much appears and feels as though you are shoveling, and this is why many players and in particular amateurs often end up with huge divots when they play this shot.
  • By perfecting this shot, you are able to add some sense of versatility to your game. Remember that you must get wedges that go no more than 60* in the loft.
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