Instructions on How to Establish a Proper Golf Stance

A good stance is a key part of your golf swing because it will put your body in the right position to swing the club on balance and with power. Without a good stance that you can make consistently shot after shot, you will have a hard time developing consistency or building the kind of power in your swing that you would like to see. Experienced golfers know that if they are able to take a solid stance in their address position before they even start the swing, much of the hard work is already complete.

Use the following instructions as you work on your own golf stance to make sure it is ready to help you make your best swings:

  • Flex your knees. Engaging your lower body in the swing is a key that many golfers miss, and they lack power as a result. Getting into an address position with flexed knees provides you with a solid base to swing from, and helps your lower body get engaged with the downswing – which is crucial to building power. Your knees should be flexed just enough to where you feel athletic and prepared to swing, but no so much that it puts pressure on the top of your legs.
  • Arms hang free. You don’t want your arms to be reaching out too far at address to where your shoulders aren’t relaxed – but you also don’t want to have them tucked in too close to your waist. Ideally, your arms will hang naturally from your shoulders so they are free of tension and ready to move into the backswing. This will also help you to take a proper grip on the club and put you on the right swing plane right from the start.
  • Keep your chin up. A common mistake among amateur golfers is to tuck their chin down into their chest at address, making it hard to rotate their shoulders during the backswing. While you want to be looking at the ball, you should be focused on keeping your eyes down while having your chin up. Once you get comfortable with this position, you will notice how it helps put your back into the proper position to complete the stance. With your chin up, eyes down, and knees flexed, you will be ready to get started with a smooth takeaway and a balanced backswing.
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