Golf Long Game Tutorial: Quick Fixes to Your Problems

The long game might be the most challenging part of golf for beginners to get comfortable with. Most players are able to get reasonably comfortable with short shots like chips and putts after a little bit of practice time – but the long game and proper swing technique can take far longer. If you are serious about becoming a better golfer, you will need to spend some time working on the mechanics of your swing in order to make strides in the quality of your long shots.

However, before putting in those practice hours, you can start down the road to a better long game just by using this basic tips –

  • Slow down. For the most part, the average amateur golfer makes a swing that is far too fast when they are trying to hit a long shot. In an effort to hit the ball farther, they swing fast right from the start – and this is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. The only point of the swing that needs to be fast is the point of impact. The rest can build speed gradually, and it will be easier to hit quality shots if you use a slower tempo. Try making smooth swings that use rhythm and tempo to build club head speed.
  • Play to your strength. It is hard to go against your natural tendencies when you are hitting long shots. For example, if your natural ball flight is a fade, don’t try to hit a long draw just because you think that is the best shot for the situation. Stick with your fade and pick a target line that will allow your natural ball flight to work. Going against your natural swing on long shots is only asking for trouble.
  • Eyes on the ball. Looking up before you make contact is a common mistake among amateur golfers, and one that will cost you significantly when you try to play a long shot from the fairway or off the tee. Make an effort to keep your eyes on the ball all the way through impact on all of your long shots. This might not feel like much of a change, but it can lead to an improvement in your mechanics and the quality of contact you make with the ball. Practice this fundamental on the driving range and then try to carry it with you out onto the course.
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