Golf Holidays in Tavira: How to Make Your Vacation Exciting

Algarve is one of the most popular golf tourism destinations in the whole world. This Portuguese destination offers world class golf courses, sandy beaches and a host of other tourist attractions to ensure that your stay is most memorable. Tavira is located on the eastern side of Algarve. It is the architectural jewel of this golf haven. It not only home to some of the most impressive golf courses in the region but also showcases the best of traditional Portuguese architecture. Tourists looking to have the perfect golf holiday should consider the town of Tavira as their destination.


Since your motivation for heading to this beautiful town is for golfing purposes, there is nothing better than having a day out in the sun, playing the game you love on the lush green courses. Algarve, breaths and lives golf, and Tavira is no different being at the center of it all. The area is home to first class courses and you should expect nothing less on arrival. You will be surprised at just how many impressive courses line this region making it a must visit for every golfer the world over.

Scenic Tours

As previously stated, golf holidays in Tavira will be characterized by breathtaking views of the impressive scenery lining the entire town. This is an ancient town littered with old whitewashed buildings which are very old. Orange trees give some color to the architecture raising the appeal of the town even further. There is no golfing in Tavira without taking time out from the world-class golf courses to take scenic tours around the quiet but intriguing town. Closely packed buildings lined by cobble stone streets will transport vacationers to an era where simplicity and character ruled.

Tavira is a fishing town, with a simple layout and broad spaces around it. It is surrounded by world class beaches, hotels and other accommodation alternatives. After your day sharpening your skill on the golf course you can head out into the town for some much needed exploration. The local citizens are as friendly as they come and you are bound to witness their welcoming spirit wherever you find yourself. You can spend time at the beaches or explore various parts of town where the view of the town and the surrounding mountains is like none other. Definitely a must visit golf vacation destination.

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