How to Find the Best Offer for Your Golf Trip to Algarve

In order to weigh up the costs of your golf trip to Algarve with the benefits that go along with it, you will need three things: a decent internet connect, a pad and paper, and a good idea of what your expectations are. So to assist you ask the right questions when booking your golfing holiday, we’ve complied a helpful guide.

Am I looking for a group special?

A good question to ask yourself is how many people will be accompanying you. Many resorts in Algarve offer excellent discounts on group packages. An even number of people will also work in your favour at the majority of establishments. If, however, you are travelling alone or simply accompanied by a small number of companions, make sure you shop around for an appropriate deal at a resort that caters for such packages.

What will my transport needs be?

Being prepared for commuting to and from the golf course is something to consider when booking your golfing holiday in Algarve. Not all golf courses are walking distance from the resort, and having to organize transport on the fly can be both frustrating and expensive. Make sure your package includes decent transport where needed.

How much golf will I be playing?

It’s important to note the difference between hiring a golf course for a set period of time, and playing at a whim. Various resorts in Algarve will likely approach club hire either way. This will again depend on how many people you are with, so ask your booking assistant about the ins and outs pertaining to golf course hire and time limits.

Also bear in mind that Algarve can be windy in the afternoon, so if you’re not fond of playing in strong winds, be sure that there’s morning availability at the golf course in question. Many of the locals and regular tourists already know this, so don’t be the only guy swinging against the wind while everyone else is at the beach.

How much walking am I willing to do?

Don’t forget to book a golf cart if you’re not a fan of walking after the ball after every shot. Many tourists have their holidays ruined because they arrive unprepared. In busy seasons, you’re likely to find the golf carts booked up, meaning you’ll have to make the undesirable choice of golf with lots of walking, or no golf at all.

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