How to Get Out of the Rough in No Time

Even if you play golf for the rest of your life, the chances are you won’t play a round where you don’t have to hit at least one shot out of the rough. Playing from the rough is just part of the game, so improving your technique from the longer grass is important to your success on the scorecard. You need to limit the damage and get back onto the short grass as soon as possible. Whether your favorite course has deep grass lining the fairways, or just moderate rough, the principles for playing from these areas will be the same.

Take the tips that follow to improve your performance from the rough and prevent too many strokes from adding up on your scorecard.

  • Get out safely. Don’t take too much on when hitting a shot from the rough. Your top priority should be getting out of the rough and back onto the short grass in one shot. Even if you aren’t able to be as aggressive as you would like in terms of firing at the flag, at least make sure that you don’t make your problems worse. Pick a
  • club that you are confident you can hit out of the rough, and make a good swing with a focus on solid contact.
  • Hit down on the ball. When in the rough, grass getting between the club face and the ball is your enemy. For this reason, it is best if you can make downward impact into the shot so you don’t sweep too much of the grass in your way before you get to the ball. Position the ball a little further back in your stance than normal, and don’t let your weight drift onto your back foot during the swing. Also, moving your hands a couple inches down on the grip can help you make this kind of downward hit.
  • Don’t swing to hard. There is a tendency among amateur golfers to swing extra hard when they find themselves in the rough. Most likely, that approach won’t help you hit a better shot, and will just lead to more problems. Instead, make a controlled swing and focus just on making good contact and getting the ball out of trouble. If you try to ‘muscle up’ and hit the shot extra hard, chances are you won’t be very happy with the results.
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