Algarve's Top Golfing Destinations: the Pine Cliffs

The Pines Cliffs offers great enjoyment for the whole family. You can visit the beach area, spa or get lessons at the golf academy. There is so much you can do here and many options offer great competition, comfort and relaxation no matter your age. Golfers will enjoy playing on plush greens with a golf course of unique design. Since the weather is no issue here with great conditions all year round, you can choose to visit the area anytime you want. Here are a few highlights of the Pine Cliffs Golf Resort.

  • Improve your skills during your visit with quality instruction and lessons offered at the academy. The Pines Cliffs course offers great opportunities for golfers to learn more about golf. You can brush up putting skills and get refreshed on the basics of golf through the golf course academy. You can work one-on-one with an instructor which can be quite helpful before playing the entire course.
  • The course is literally perched on a hill overlooking beautiful ocean waters and the coastline. You have a unique backdrop that actually has the golf course overlooking ocean waters. If you are afraid of heights you may feel a little uncomfortable at certain holes. Other than that it is a great place to unwind just before making rounds.
  • Family-friendly golf course offers fun activities for children on and off the course. Kids can enjoy kids village, swimming pools, beach club and more. Kids can learn golf basics or if they don’t enjoy golf as much as you do there is plenty onsite to keep them busy.
  • Nine-hole course great for beginners or those who want to brush up their skills. The course has just about everything you can think of but it is not too difficult to play. You can think of the course as your home away from home option that can help you get comfortable on the course.
  • Free sessions may be available with deals and discounts offered depending on when you book. When you check for booking information you may come across deals and discounts offered by the course. This can be a huge help in reducing green fees or the cost of your trip.
  • Highly approved course by parents and previous golf players. A number of previous visitors have had plenty of positive things to say about their visit and recommend the course to others in a heartbeat.
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Jordan (Germany)

Thank you so much for helping me choose a golf resort for my summer vacation - I truly enjoyed it. See you next year!

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I have stumbled upon this resource a few months ago and realized right away that it is going to be of use when I start planning my golf holidays - I've learned a lot from here and did not have to pay a penny! Keep it up guys.