How To Drive Like A Champion: 4 Tricks You Should Try On The Golf Course

Are you still trying to get the hang of driving the ball off the tee? If you’re relatively new to golf, this can be a difficult technique to learn. However, those who have reached champion level golf know four simple things about driving—and you can know them too. Here they are.

Don’t over think your drive shot

First of all, you will have to get to a point where you trust yourself with your driver. While it’s important to strategise the shot from a golf course perspective, you don’t need to spend too much time setting up the drive. Instead, gain confidence by following the next three tips and simply trust yourself enough to drive the ball well.

Set up your club before setting up your feet

An important setup technique you will see many professionals perform is that they set up their grip and their club position before positioning their feet. Take your club and grip it the way you want. Then place it behind the ball. Forget about your feet for now. Concentrate on the relationship between club and ball. Feet come later.

How to line up your feet for a golf drive

Now that your club is comfortably positioned, you can line up your feet. The best way to do this is to put your left foot in place first. The next part of this technique is for the inside of your left foot to be in line with the golf ball. Spread your right foot out comfortably and get ready to swing. Again, don’t over think the shot.

Flex your midsection during the strike

The waist and bottom stomach area form the part of your body that should move the most during your swing. There should be almost a dance-like sway in the way you perform your backswing and your forward swing. Over thinking your shot can hinder the shot because it can convince your subconscious to move other parts too much. Shoulders and legs should remain relatively still during the swing so that the elbows and the waist section do all the work.

Watch the professionals and you’ll soon notice these techniques in how they play—no matter how subtle it may be. Perfect these tricks and you are sure to improve your drive immensely.

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