All You Need to Know about the Quinta de Cima Golf Course in Algarve

Rocky Roquemore is the proud designer of one of his best courses yet, Quinta de Cima. It’s located in eastern Algarve within the Ria Formosa game reserve and promises to present lots of hidden challenges to pros and amateurs alike.

Challenging from the start

The first few holes have a way of showing the player that he or she is in for a challenging game. Strategic bunkers and water hazards call for meticulous aim, the lack of which will cause you much frustration and a high score. Where most hard courses pose their challenges towards the middle or the end of the course, this one has no problem presenting them right from the start.

What are those trees?

A great aspect of the Quinta de Cima golf course is the forest of olive and carob trees that make up the surrounding areas. While these trees play a large part in creating the scenery and atmosphere of this course, there are plenty of them, which adds even more challenge to this course.

Water hazards to test you

While there aren’t as many water hazards as there are on its neighbouring course, Quinta da Ria, this course does have a few unexpected ones. This course makes up for a lack in water hazards by placing them in tricky spots. Watch your angle on those high drives because one wrong move and your ball may be in the water.

Holes to look out for

If you speak to anyone who has recently played the Quinta de Cima golf course, you will likely find that there are three holes in particular that will still be fresh in their minds. These two holes have been mentioned by golfers as having a reputation for being especially challenging. When you play, look out for the 4th, 6th, and 17th holes. The whole course is tricky, but these hold the potential to make or break your game completely.

Perfect for tournaments

This course was clearly designed for tournament play. If you’re a casual golfer looking to show off with some friends, this is not the course to opt for. Its appeal is for a more accomplished player so make sure you’re ready if you plan to take it on. Then again, if you’re looking for a challenge, see you there.

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