Golf Basics for Players Making First Steps in the Game

Golf may be overwhelming for amateur players since instead of a fellow golfer, you have just yourself and the golf course to compete with. Moreover, the long list of golf rules and etiquettes make the game even more intimidating. Experts of the game are obviously used to of the lingo, but the newbie may feel terrified in spending the time needed to learn all of it. If you are beginning the game of golf, this is just the right guide for you.

A standard golf course

Typically, a golf course has 18 holes, and perhaps this the only common thing in any golf course. However, you may find some courses with 9 holes. You need to play your first golf shot right from the course’s teeing area. The golf ball is usually placed on a peg made of plastic or wood. This is named as the golf tee. And the remaining part of the hole has long grass called rough. Grass in a fairway is closely trimmed. Fairway moves on to the green, where the hole is situated.

In addition to the rough, you may witness different hazards on the golf course like streams and bunkers. A flagstick is placed in the hole, which denotes the target. The first nine holes have yellow flagsticks and the latter nine holes consist of red flags. You can play a 6,000- yard course in roughly 3-4 hours, including walking, which is roughly five miles.


Scoring is determined by the shots you hit in a golf round, and this includes penalties you gain. This indicates, if you hit 94 golf shots for finishing your round, and your co- golfer takes 98 shots, you are the victor. The score is decided on the basis of ‘par’ of the course. The term Par denotes the total hits that a professional golfer attempts to finish a single round. This is 70-72.

Now, if you complete your round in 94 shots for a par 72 course, you will score 22 over par. Usually, the par is established on account of length and the difficulty present. A hole with four par, needs to be finished in just four shots. In case you complete the par three hole in four shots, the score you get will be 1 over par for that hole. The game may permit you to play with expert golfers by allotting a few additional shots, like the head start. It is called handicapping.


You must be aware of the rules and be truthful to the game and to yourself because you will not have someone watching your game all the time. You must play the ball as it lies wherever it lands. In case you are unable to find the golf ball, add strokes to your score before you restart your game.

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