Basic Advice On How To Make A Chip From An Upslope

One challenging shot in golf is to chip the ball on an upslope. The player needs to know how to hit the ball precisely since the ball can actually go higher in the air because of the slope. This means your club may also get added loft that it doesn’t need when the shot is executed. One tip to keep in mind is to keep shoulders in line to the ground while leaning with the slope. You should also check your grip and stance. Here are some points to help you make a good chip shot from an upslope.

  • Select the right club to help you make the shot. In this case consider a sand wedge or pitching wedge. Using the right club can give more control in getting the ball to go up the slope. A club such as sand or pitching wedge also has the right angle necessary when contact is made. This aspect helps in hitting the ball precisely to give it power needed to get up the slope.
  • Keep stance normal but have lead leg lean slight toward the direction of the hill. This means one knee should be flexed more than the other. This helps your body lean in toward the slope and actually help your stroke be in line with the slope as well. Consider taking practice strokes to get a feel for the swing motion and to see what happens with ball when contact is made.
  • When holding your club think about hand placement and the ball. The ball should be in front of your hands when getting ready to take the shot. When you are in setup position ready to address the ball pay attention to where the ball sits in front of you. This makes a difference when you hit the ball and keep good balance as you move through the shot.
  • Take your normal stroke for chipping. If you hit the ground this is fine but it should occur after making contact with the ball. There are players able to hit the ball without hitting the ground but in some cases this could make the ball go too fast or your grip and setup could need adjustment if the end result wasn’t what you hoped for. Practice elements of this shot to get comfortable in the position for better results.
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