Golf Lessons: How to Adjust Your Game to the Windy Weather

Many golfers who arrive at the course to find that the wind is blowing get nervous - or just turn around and go home. While there is no question that golf in the wind is harder than playing in calm conditions, it is certainly possible to play a good round of golf in the wind. Once you understand how the wind affects your ball, and what you can do to counteract it, there is no reason you can’t post scores that are just as good, or even better, than usual.

Make the following adjustments to your game under windy conditions to give yourself the best chance at success –

  • Swing softer. This is where so many golfers go wrong right off the bat. Most amateurs think they need to swing harder to force the ball through the wind, but the opposite is true. When playing in the wind, you want to put as little spin on the ball as possible – and swinging harder will make the ball spin more. Try hitting softer, lower shots to get your ball around the course. You will likely have to sacrifice some of your distance along the way, but that is a trade you should make in exchange for added control.
  • Pick easier targets to hit. One concession you should make to the wind is not trying to hit targets that are too small – or ones that are guarded by hazards. Respect the wind and pick targets that are safer and will allow you more margin for error. By playing away from the hazards on a windy day, you stand a better chance to keep your ball on the grass and avoid a big number from ruining your scorecard.
  • Focus on your tempo. The wind has a way of messing with the tempo of your swing to the point of getting you off balance and totally out of rhythm. Make sure you are specifically focused on your tempo from the first shot on the practice range until the last shot of the round. As long as you are able to maintain a good tempo and continue to make solid contact throughout the day, the wind shouldn’t have too much of an effect on your game. Remain patient, take the round one shot at a time, and be sure that your tempo is under control no matter what the wind decides to do.
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