Golf Tips: How To Adjust Your Swing For Cold Weather

Golfing in cold weather brings a few new factors to the game that you may not have known about. First of all, the ball becomes harder and won’t travel as far. In addition, the air is denser which will also affect the distance the ball travels. To make up for these changes, here are some tips for changing the way you swing when it’s cold.

Shoulders in your setup

In warm weather, you can usually get away with slouched shoulders. However when the weather is cold, it is important that you position your shoulders correctly. This means you should form a solid triangle with your arms and shoulders from when you address the ball, all the way to contact. Your swing needs to be consistent all the way through to attain better distance on the ball. Having your shoulders positioned correctly will help you do this.

Ball position to assist in your swing

If you stand in such a way that the ball is slightly back from centre, you will achieve a shallower arc in your swing which will cause the ball to cut through the dense air. When you take your swing, you may notice the ball not getting as much height. This is exactly what you want to achieve, as the lower the ball travels, the less resistance it has to deal with.

Watch your right shoulder

Make sure your right shoulder doesn’t cause a scoop-like movement during the swing. This will cause the ball to fly too high and compromise on the low-trajectory distance you are trying to achieve. Be aware of what your right shoulder does and prevent it from moving past the ball on the downswing. This, together with the correct ball position, will ensure a nice low shot that cuts through the cold air.

Another tip

A good way to counteract the distance problem on your ball is to keep another ball in your pocket and let it warm up against your thigh while you play a hole. Once the hole is finished, switch the ball with the warmer one and continue to do so throughout the game. This will give you a slight edge over your opponent in terms of distance.

It isn’t the most preferred type of weather to play in and many golfers would much rather brave the wind and even the rain. However, hopefully these tips will help you make the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

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