A Guide to Learning a Good Golf Swing Sequence

Sequencing is an element to the golf swing that not many golfers think about when they practice on the range. Most players are occupied with their swing plane or grip or some other technical element, and fail to focus on the proper sequencing within the swing itself. If you have all of the right elements, but don’t put them together in the right order, the results aren’t going to be what you are trying to achieve.

Good sequencing is all about understanding how the swing works and why each step along the way is so important. Use the following points to help guide your practice session when working on the sequencing of your swing.

  • Club moves first. The first moving part of your swing after you have settled in to your address position should be the club itself. If you start back by swaying your body or making any other motion, you are going to get the sequencing out of order before it even starts. Make sure the club moves slowly away from the ball as your first action, and you will be in a better position to allow everything else to follow along from there.
  • Body starts the downswing. Just as the club starts the backswing, your body – specifically, your lower body – needs to start the downswing. Many amateurs make the mistake of having the club initiate the downswing, which commonly leads to a weak shot, and maybe even a slice. Your lower body should be driving the rotation into your downswing as the club comes along for the ride. Once the legs have done their job, your hands and arms can really kick in and finish the task of delivering the club head squarely onto the back of the ball.
  • Club head is the end of the whip. A powerful swing will act like a whip, with the club head being the last piece to come through and strike the ball. Make sure your hands, arms, torso, and lower body have all ‘cleared’ through the hitting area first, before you allow the club head to reach the ball. When this sequence is in the right order, you will be able to maximize your power and also add more spin to your shots. If you allow the club head to beat the rest of your body to impact, you will be giving away power and may also have trouble hitting shots on line with the target.
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