Organizing Golf Holidays in Algarve: Green Fee Rates

Algarve is rightly famous for golf in Portugal and it may sometimes become overwhelming to choose any one of them for your vacation. For amateur golfers, the terms of golf might get confusing. One such term is green fees- it is the amount you have to play for playing golf in a particular golf course. This fee varies according to the time of day, time of week, and the golfer’s handicap. You will find green fees at its highest on weekends than on weekdays. Also, the cost of golf rounds is less late in a day because the chances to complete the 18-hole round are less.

In addition, many golf courses offer discounts to senior and junior golfers. If you have membership of a club, you will have to pay less compared to the guests. Below, you can refer the green fees of most famous golf courses of Algarve. Please note that these are only the minimum green fees offered by the course. The rates may increase depending upon the conditions mentioned above. The discounts are also subject to change without prior information.

Golf course rates

There are some major golf courses such as Alto Golf course, for which, the green fees start from €42. Balaia charges €25, Benamor charges €48, Castro Marim Golf course costs €45, Boavista charges €48, Espiche Golf charges €40, Faldo Golf course charges €129 for its plush services, Gramacho charges €49, Laguna charges €66, Laranjal charges €97, Millenium costs around €97, O’Connor charges €123, Old Course costs €117, Palamares costs €66, Penina Championship costs €72, Penina Resort costs €42, Pine Cliffs charges €50, Pinhal and Pinheiros Altos cost approximately €70, Quinta do Lago North charges €116, Quinta do Lago South charges €97, and Vil sol charges €66.

Many of these golf courses offer discounts ranging from 10% to 40%. You can avail these discounts on prior booking.

Things apart from golf

Faro welcomes golfers from all over the world round the year. However, the busiest months of Algarve with regards to golf are March, April, and May. Apart from golf, you can also find many other things in Algarve that will entertain you to the core. An archeological museum is there in addition to the Bishop’s place, which is a renaissance Cathedral. The latter was heavily bombed when the Second World War took place, but was renovated later. You can also have fun at the fishing village of Albufeira, which is also known for its nightlife and golf.

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