Three Most Popular Club Grip Styles in Golf

While it might seem like all golfers hold onto the club in pretty much the same way, there is actually some variation between players in terms of the details of their grips. There is no one right way to hold the club – good players throughout the history of golf have held the club in a variety of ways and had success. The important thing about your grip is that it is comfortable to you, compliments the rest of your swing, and feels secure as you move through the ball.

Below are the three most popular ways to hold the golf club, along with a quick description of what kind of golfer should use them. Note – all descriptions below are based on a right handed golfer. Lefties will need to simply reverse the instructions.

  • Interlocking. In this grip, the pinky finger of the right hand interlocks with the pointer finger of the left hand. This is probably the most popular grip of all in golf, and provides the most secure feeling around the club. It is a good choice for golfers with smaller hands, and those with aggressive swings through the impact area who need the control that this grip provides.
  • Overlapping. This grip has the pinky finger sitting on top of the gap between the pointer and middle fingers of the left hand. It is not as secure as the interlocking grip, since the hands aren’t laced together. However, it does free up the club head to rip through the impact zone, and suits players with a smooth tempo and rhythm perfectly. This might be the best choice for golfers with large hands, and those who like to let their body do the work in the swing with the hands just going along for the ride.
  • Baseball grip. This last option is one where the two hands aren’t connected at all – they are simply next to each other on the grip. There aren’t very many golfers who use this option, but it is a viable choice if neither of the other two methods feel comfortable to you. The right hand takes on a more prominent role in this swing, which can lead to trouble with a slice if you aren’t careful with your technique. On the positive side, a baseball grip can lead to impressive power when used correctly. Try the other options first, but consider a baseball grip if you need another choice.
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