Four Tips that Will Help You Hit Low Golf Shots

Most golfers love to launch the ball high into the air, but low shots are often more effective and easier to control. When you hit a high shot, it is more susceptible to the effects of the wind, and it can be much more difficult to judge the overall distance of the shot. Low shots, when played properly, offer you a range of options to get the ball around the course and close to the hole.

Below are four simple tips that will help you hit low shots and open up a world of new possibilities in your next round.

  • Swing softer. Backspin is what makes the ball climb up into the air, and speed in your swing is what creates backspin. Therefore, if you want to hit a lower shot with any of your clubs, the first step is to make a slower swing. Take enough club so you don’t have to swing hard to reach your target, and them make a soft swing that is focused on making clean contact with the ball. After a little practice, you should be able to see lower ball flights just by taking speed out of your swing.
  • Put the ball back in your stance. Along with swinging softer, you also want to move the ball back in your stance slightly from its usual position. You only need to move it a few inches back from where it usually is to make a big difference in the ball flight you achieve. Experiment with different ball positions until you find just the right spot creates a the ball flight you are looking for.
  • Choke down on the grip. By choking down a couple inches on the grip, you can make it easier to swing softer, and to hit lower shots as well. When you do choke down on the club, you will need to stand a little closer to the ball. Make sure to practice this on the driving range before you go to the course with it.
  • Picture the low shot. Half of the battle when trying to hit a lower shot is simply picturing the ball flight you want to achieve. Before you make the swing, take a step back behind the ball and picture exactly how you want it to fly up to the target. Keep that image in your mind when you take your stance and get ready to swing.
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