Some Interesting Challenges to Make Your Game Better

One of the biggest mistakes that many golfers make it getting too comfortable with their games and not continually trying to become better. Golf is a game that can be improved at constantly, no matter how good you already are. If you have a love for the game, and want to see your game improve over time, all you need to do is keep working at it.

Of course, it is easy to fall into a comfort zone and forget to keep forcing yourself to try and improve. It can be helpful to introduce some new and interesting challenges to keep the game fresh and keep your mind engaged. Use the following three ideas to keep yourself on your toes and try to find the best golf that you can play.

  • Move Back on the Tees. This is an easy step that you can take in your very next round. If you are getting comfortable with your game and aren’t finding many challenges on the course that you play regularly, try playing the back tees and see how much it can change the game. Suddenly, you will be hitting different clubs for your approach shots and will need to play at your best from start to finish in order to shoot the kind of scores that you normally shoot from the regular tees.
  • Play in a Tournament. Again, this is an easy one that you can complete just by signing up for a competition at your local club. Tournament pressure has a way of exposing your weaknesses, even if the tournament is only a local men’s club event. In addition to what it can do for the quality of your game, playing in tournaments is just a fun experience and a great way to meet other golfers who are as passionate about the game as you are.
  • Leave Your Woods at Home. To test the shorter clubs in your bag, try playing a round without your driver and any fairway woods or hybrid clubs you have. This will make the course play much longer, and require you to be creative and hit good wedge shots to make pars. You won’t want to play like this very often, but it can be a fun exercise to engage your mind and make you work on hitting shots with clubs that might not otherwise get very much use.
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