The Vila Sol Golf Course: 5 Must-Know Facts

Algarve is undoubtedly a spectacular region in Portugal overflowing with sublime coastal scenery and natural beauty. Situated in the busy and happening region of Algarve’s Vilamoura is the Vila Sol golf course. While Algarve has a lot to be proud of including pristine white beaches or resplendent resorts, the Vila Sol golf course tops the tourist attraction of the region, which is studded, with plenty of notable golf courses.

Operated by Pestana Golf resort organization, Vila Sol golf course is a popular destination launched in 1991. Located as part of the Vila Sol Golf & Hotel resort the place is the mastermind of Donald Steel, the famous golf architect. With its central location in Algarve, Vila Sol Golf course and Resort has several amazing features that have made it the most popular golf course in Portugal and Europe. Here are five of the must know facts about the golf course.

  1. Extending over 75 acres of spectacular beauty, the resort has two splendid golf courses namely Pestana Vila Sol Academy Golf Course and Pestana Vila Sol Championship.
  2. Maintained outstandingly throughout the year, the Vila Sol Championship course has a par 72, 18 hole course covering around 6393m. The course’s driving range is wonderfully created and is marked by trees and rolling contours. Beautiful flora of the course offers naturally created hazards penalizing inaccurate swings in the rough.
  3. The Golf Course is apt for golf basics and frequented by middle level handicappers. This course extends to 2937m and is a 9-hole course that encompasses tee 19 to 27. For golfers who want to play a shorter golf round or prefer the 9-hole round, this course is an appropriate choice. You can polish your golf shots and develop great golfing techniques easily here. The course is also an ideal choice for major training sessions in golf, as you can play with professionals in the right golf setting.
  4. The Golf Course cum Resort also houses an excellent stocked pro golf store. The staffs here are knowledgeable on golf and offer expert advice, golf tips, and guidance on tackling the game in the demanding course.
  5. The fairways in Vila Sol Golf Course are perfect. The bunkers vary in their depth enabling golfers to play challenging and diverse golf rounds. The course has an undulating and natural terrain, which is preserved to perfection resulting in magnificent views from the 6th, 5th and 4th tees and the slightly elevated 13th-hole tee.
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